Smart carriers should never use invoice factoring as the only option, even as a last resort. PayCargo’s Advanced Funding through RapidPay is everything you wish invoice factoring was, but isn’t —fast, easy, reliable, and transparent.
Flexible payment options: ACH/direct debit, prepaid, credit card, and available credit terms via PayCargo Finance
Quicker payments: Carriers receive payments faster and cargo is released right on time
Convenience: Additional access to pay over 6,000+ logistics providers in the PayCargo Vendor Network (ocean, air, CFS, NVOCC, rail, chassis providers, and many more)
A single record of truth: One platform to pay many providers and full detailed payment/reconciliation information for the shipper and carrier; available 24/7
Productivity: Eliminating the need to write paper checks, set up wires, or audit invoices, as well as outsourcing to factor companies
Shipper of choice: Improve your value standing with the carrier by reducing the cost to serve